The Storm Response Truck

The winter weather has been interesting to say the least. Other than our commercial endeavors we have been very busy helping get customers, from all over the Outer Banks, get their homes and businesses repaired. The storms over the past few weeks have had most of our fleet very busy. A lot of the places over washed by sand and water are still hard to get too and we are doing our best to get them serviced quickly. We have been looking into purchasing additional vehicles soon to handle the additional business.

We have one service truck, that was purchased with the business, that we were planning to retire. It’s an old F250 4×4 with a service bed. Its seen some hard years and is not that pretty but still runs well. While looking into a new replacement we came up with an idea to handle after storm service. Why not completely redo and refit the service truck for severe sand and water service and equip it with everything it would need to service customers immediately after a large storm? How about a truck designed with the 4-wheel drive area beach houses specifically in mind? Make it even better than a typical out of the box service truck and try to have everything a customer may need on board.

The first thing we did was send the truck to our good friends at Kitty Hawk Commercial Truck for a refit and update. They went through the entire truck front to back, new brakes, engine completely overhauled, etc. They did an excellent job and the truck is working better than ever. The truck had already been lifted slightly so it was perfect for this duty. We added new larger tires and it was starting to take shape. On went a large pipe storage tube, large quantities of electrical devices and equipment and even a 7500-watt generator to give us the on-site power we need to help customers get their live back in order. Last added was two high intensity work lights, one of each side, for night work and a cone rack for safety. Meet the Suburban Electric Storm Response Truck!

We will be adding even more equipment and new vehicles soon Thanks to our valued customers. We will keep working hard to bring “More Power to You”

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